Fernando, outside of Big Brother with 54 percent of the vote: Watch your farewell dance

The last show of Big Brother 2015 expulsion of all participants had plaque, unless Zaccanti Florence and Mariano, who entered the playoffs.

Therefore, adrenaline and nerves to know who would be the new removed, remained intact throughout the transmission cycle of America.

With the mystery that only he can impart to the program, Jorge Rial was announcing the saved and the final was settled between Fernando and Matthias. With the screams could be perceived in the study, the smaller the reality revealed he was nervous “as in all the plates.” However, the industrial engineer said it was quiet. In anticipation, the driver finally announced the news.

“Who should you leave the house is … Fernando!” He announced. The 35-year-old was elected with 54% of the public vote, while Matthias received 46% allowing you to continue in the game.

Night exceptional star: how to enjoy it all alone as a great

The 25th edition of the stars of the night off tonight. The luckiest of us will have the chance to visit one of the 443 events organized by the French astronomy association. For others, nothing is lost, however.

The 25th night of stars, eagerly awaited by amateur astronomers, begins Friday evening at the sunset. This year, the vintage promises to be exceptional, as scientists expect a meteor festival. For the occasion, the French astronomy association organizes some 443 events throughout France (see interactive map here AFA), in company of enthusiasts and professionals, for reasons of pedagogy. If you prefer not depend on anyone, and play alone, with friends or family astronomers, it’s entirely possible! Follow the leader.
How to choose a good spot?

Tonight, you have decided to get away a bit of the city to hunt shooting stars. Congratulations, this is the best way to enjoy the show. Due to light pollution, the viewing conditions will necessarily be degraded in town. An example with the city of Toulouse. According to the National Association for the protection of the sky and the nocturnal environment, it will be possible to see that ten stars in the constellation Ursa Major. In theory it would be possible to observe forty times, reports France Bleu.

Apple pie turns soup and Aritana is eliminated

After missing the preparation of a classic apple pie, the Aritana Maroni businesswoman was eliminated from “MasterChef” on Tuesday 4.

“Your pie seemed an apple soup”, said the French chef Erick Jacquin. “I’m not good sweet, is my fault, has no way to defend myself,” explained Aritana.

Oscar’s daughter Maroni, businessman known for being the owner of the nightclub Bahamas in São Paulo, the competitor was moved to speak of elimination and quoted the father outburst with Ana Paula Standard.

“People think my life is easy because of my last name, but that’s not how it works. Working since he was 15 years old, my father always taught us that money is it. We want ours, people who build ours. I’ve never had need, I will never spent, but not this life of playboy that sometimes people think I have.

My dad always taught us to chase a dream and it was what I came here to do “he said. In addition to it, the Izabel Rio also did not like jurors to your recipe. For chefs, the mass it was poorly finished and ended up staying raw in places.

Fernando and Sabrina, who also participated in the elimination challenge, received praise for their versions of the dessert. Sabrina was congratulated for following the traditional recipe. Already Fernando, who came to discuss with the jury during the execution of proof for wanting to innovate, was praised by the boldness and had the mass classified as “sensational” by Paola Carosella.

“Will play pie in the jury,” says father Aritana

“I felt like playing pie in the face of the jurors.” So it was that at 1, the Oscar Maroni entrepreneur received the news that his daughter, Aritana, had been eliminated from the “MasterChef” for making a tasty apple pie, but empanada.

The entrepreneur saw the last television Daughter revenue from its nightclub, the Bahamas, where Aritana works as a purchasing manager.

“I’m hurt by it. It’s hard to see her daughter that I love so much crying on national television,” said Maroni moved. The businessman is known to have temper.

“I’m p * # $! But it’s a game. Some lose, some win.” The businessman speaks knowingly: he himself was eliminated when participated in the reality show “The Farm 7″.

Group race led participants to Manaus

Before the challenge of apple pie, the participants of “MasterChef” played a test in groups in Manaus. They needed to create dishes with ingredients typical of the Amazon cuisine as pirarucu, tambaqui, açaí, cupuaçu and jambu.

Besides the difficulty of cooking with items that little knew, competitors also had to cook inside moving boats. With many difficulties, they had to receive assistance from Jacquin chefs, Paola and Henry Fogaça to achieve serving dishes.

Comprising Lucas, Jiang, Cristiano and Raul, the blue group was better evaluated by the team of judges, consisting of experts of the local cuisine and the participant of the first edition of the reality, Luis Manauense.

Cristiano out of the program?

The Bahia Cristiano Oliveira, one of the seven competitors who still dispute the “Masterchef” had a malaise during one of the tests appear in the episode on Tuesday (4) and its permanence in the program turned questions please netizens on Twitter.

While Aritana, Isabel, Fernando and Sabrina prepared an apple pie in the elimination challenge, Cristiano, who was immune for winning a group race, left the program scenario for medical care.

Asked by Ana Paula Standard, Raul said that Cristiano was tired from the journey that participants made to Manaus and so would be to “low resistance”.

River Plate defeated Tigres 3-0 and champion of the Copa Libertadores

A historic night of partying lived on Wednesday Argentina’s River Plate to win their third Libertadores Cup by thrashing a combative 3-0 Tigres of Mexico, torrential rain at the Monumental stadium in Buenos Aires.

Some 62,000 souls sang and danced to delirium in the stands and millions of fans as they celebrated popular club off the television screens. ‘Millionaire’ and ‘cat’ had tied 0-0 in the first leg in Monterrey. The center forward Lucas Alario hit in head by throwing popcorn at 45 minutes. The Uruguayan Carlos Sanchez scored the second penalty kick Ramiro Funes Mori 75. head hit the third in the 79th.

The riverplatenses were champions for the first time in the 1986 edition and repeated the conquest in 1996. People sang to the tune of “give joy to my heart,” the rocker Fito Paez.

Never a no and invited South American squad has won the Cup. Two Mexican teams had failed before to win at Cruz Azul lost the final with Boca in 2001 and Chivas de Guadalajara to Internacional of Brazil in 2010.

Both teams faced the game at full speed, with the knife between his teeth, with the intensity worthy of a final, but without the brightness of good football. Tigers at times defended with nine men, putting lock your area.

Juninho and Jose Rivas cornered Fernando Cavenaghi and Alario, not let them or breathe. Combat and infringement against both. Javier Aquino multiplied like a colossus with tight locks recovery and quality passes.

Guido Pizarro and the Uruguayan Egidio Arévalo were walls. The theoretical feline 4-4-2 became 6-3-1, with French André-Pierre Gignac as a lone wolf in the forefront. DT suspended Argentine Marcelo Gallardo had to watch the match from the stands.

River was a flurry either dominated by Tigers, but the problem of the ‘millionaires’ was playing in fifth gear with the throttle foot depth, but surely, without thinking, without order, crashing again and again. Only he appeared from time to time at the right talent Matías Kranevitter pass.

The nerves of a final, strong leg auriazules cost the four yellow. Israel Jimenez wild at times. But Nicolas Bertolo not take the helm of the ball and left only some isolated Cavenaghi for auction.

Paradoxes of football, was a shot goal when the Brazilian Rafael Sobis but tangled with the ball and another carried the shotgun Gignac after receiving a through tray a great maneuver Jürgen Damm, but saved anxiously to get the booty, the ledge, Ramiro Funes Mori.

The goalkeeper Marcelo riverplatense Baroverno not had to tackle a single shot. Neither the Argentine goalkeeper Tigers Nahuel Guzmán, until a flood was discharged.

At that time also it rained without precise destination centers River. Until one of them, grade, Leonel Vangioni was connected Alario head in popcorn.

The center-dunked the ball on a ‘mousetrap’ arc, almost licking the post, out of the hands of Guzman. It was a bucket of ice water in the middle of the water curtain of the sky.

The goal changed the game design. Tigers had to break the inertia of resistance to anticipate. River is not as solid as they attack him and not shut it suited him. The red band barricaded themselves in self-defense.

Ricardo ‘Tuca’ Ferretti moved DT board and ordered the court to Jesus Dueñas to win possession and attack ambition. What was missing was a man of offensive imbalance.

In a counterattack, Aquino turned in Sanchez, who scored the auction of the twelve steps with hierarchy and as strong as measured forehand. The headed goal Funes Mori sparked celebration every song and flag.

Death of Francois Kosciusko-Morizet, former mayor of Sevres and builder of the Grand Paris

His tall figure often bent a little let on what he had in him the servant of the state, accustomed to delve into technical issues. Without being in the foreground, François Kosciusko-Morizet, died on the night of August 3 to 4 to 74, will have been, in its way – that of an engineer as well as an elected – an influential player in Greater Paris .

Mayor of Sèvres for nineteen years (1995-2014), general counsel of the Hauts-de-Seine from 2006 to 2015, Polytechnique, son of a diplomat Gaullist, Jacques Kosciusko-Morizet, and father of four children, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, leader of Parisian right, and Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet, co-founder of PriceMinister website embraced a political career late after being in charge of development issues in the Ile-de-France in the administration and in several ministerial offices. Notable Western lands francilien right, “FKM” as he presented himself, has also made its contribution to the development of the Eastern Paris. From 1993 to 1995 he was responsible for the government of the site of the Stade de France, in Seine-Saint-Denis.

Born August 16, 1940, in Paris, graduated from Ecole Polytechnique and bridges, water and forests, Mr Kosciusko-Morizet …

When the first electric traffic light was installed? Google responds with a ‘doodle’

Google commemorated with a doodle Wednesday 101 years since the first electric traffic light in the world, installed at the corner of Euclid Avenue and East 101 Street on August 5, 1941 in Clevand, in the state of Ohio, United States.

The animation shows six old cars going forward and stopping as the light mark red and green light on the giant search engine home page. Road sign directs vehicles to forming the word Google.

Road sign came to the US city after the exponential growth of urban traffic, which soared in the United States after Henry Ford launched the Model “T” in 1908, the massification in 1913 after the fall of the price of the vehicles. And by 1914 it was essential to have a signal to regulate traffic.

The traffic light was installed in Clevland was created by Garrett Augustus Morgan and is considered the first of its kind in the world. He was only red and green lights on arm-shaped supports and sounder. Seven years later came the three lights. The first of its kind excelled in the streets of Detroit in New York in 1920.

As early as 1936 Charles Marshall joined the model signal indicating the remaining time to the changing light, and only in 1961 the device was installed to light He marked the passage of pedestrians.

Fire in Vilamoura scares tourists

The fire that broke out Wednesday afternoon in the area of Falesia Beach, Vilamoura, is in the aftermath phase.

About 40 firefighters, multiple corporations, supported by vehicles 10 and an air medium, controlled flames within a few hours.

The media remain in the area to prevent reacendimentos. The flames broke out just after 15:30 near a luxury resort.

So is the Spanish who conquered the Argentine actor Miguel Angel Sola

In her purse never missing a black pen and a notebook; it never goes to bed without brushing your teeth; it makes up every day in a very natural way; it is incapable of dieting and give too much respect to the operating room to undergo plastic surgery. So the actress and psychologist Paula Cancio (Madrid, 1985), which has just granted an interview to the Argentina edition of “Hello!” On the occasion of his arrival in Buenos Aires. There was installed “in a year’s time” with actor Miguel Angel Solá (65), who has just had a daughter.

Three years have passed since the first meeting of these two actors at the exit of a theater in Madrid. She was a great admirer of talent Sola. Within three months of that first impression the couple was expecting a child: the little Adriana. Soon, several professional projects led them to Buenos Aires, where they represent “The Diary of Adam and Eve.”

As she has said in an interview, Cancio can listen and not understand “life without love.” He studied psychology because I always liked “understand the reasons why people” behave as they do. He longs Spain, although considered to be in the best time of his life. Here it could be seen in shows like “Central Hospital”, which was the first in which he starred or “The Secret of Old Bridge” and “Toledo” have been his last performances in Spain. Then he took a plane to Buenos Aires. A story that seems more than professional love towards your partner, the same story that led him to cross the Atlantic.

At age 40, Antonio Simoes passes to lead the biggest European bank

António Simões, 40, chief executive of the largest European bank. Eight years later get to HSBC, the Portuguese was appointed chief executive of one of the largest banks in the world in terms of assets. After holding various positions in the institution, the banker replaces Alan Keir as president of the bank to the European continent.

HSBC Holdings, which owns HSBC Bank, said on Tuesday in a statement that the current chief executive of the bank in the United Kingdom also takes the folder of Europe on 1 September and becomes part of the group’s board of directors headed by Stuart Gulliver.

In turn, Alan Keir, who is in the institution since 1981 and is executive chairman of the bank in Europe since 2013, announced his retirement from office and later retirement in 2016.

Before being chosen to integrate the senior executives of the institution in the London city, the Portuguese also went through other institutions in the financial world, which led him to live in Hong Kong, New York, London, Paris and Milan. But it was between Lisbon and New York did the training. In 1997 he completed the degree at New School of Business as the best student in the class and did an MBA at Columbia Business School, where he also taught as an assistant professor.

Then followed up positions at the investment bank Goldman Sachs and McKinsey & Co, a US-based business consulting firm. The election as partner at McKinsey & Co at age 30 constituted, for António Simões, the milestone in the career which was most proud, he said in January in an interview with Expresso. Contacted by PUBLIC Tuesday, the banker declined to testify.

In the interview, António Simões referred visibility to a leadership position in an institution with 43,000 employees must have. Try to spend as little time as possible in the “tower” and “visit a balcony, a call center a commercial banking center, etc. a day – or five a week, “he asserted. The purpose was to visit the bank’s dependency case to keep ahead of the UK’s HSBC for four years. He was three. Now appointed to head the bank at European level, with a considerably larger number of workers and facilities, the task expected to be less accessible.

Despite the remarkable resume, was an aspect of private life that gave him greater notoriety. Be the first openly gay CEO in the conservative environment of the London banking earned him some media coverage, and the most influential gay Election of business area by outstanding network in 2013, a list of 50 senior executives published by the Financial Times.

In 2013, António Simões referred to the PUBLIC that for blurring prejudice in a professional environment has been taking a more active role than activist. That is, for example, “go to a meeting with people who do not know and at some point have to, elegantly, saying it” in response to someone who assumed was heterosexual.

The following year, the list recognizes the LGBT executives for their role in promoting inclusive practices in the workplace doubled the count to 100 and the banker went to the second position, after the chief executive of Burberry, Christopher Bailey.

Also outside the banking sector’s role in the Council of the Portuguese Diaspora. António Simões part of the body set up in 2012 with the high-patronage of the President of the Republic that aims to strengthen ties between Portugal and its emigrant communities.

Founded in 1865, HSBC (The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation) began to be based in Hong Kong, then under British rule. Later he moved to London, where he still remains, although it is being discussed new location.

HSBC is in 72 countries from various continents and employs 266,000 workers. Stuart Gulliver, who in 2011 took over as executive chairman of the group that brings together all HSBC units, announced in June that the bank would implement a restructuring plan to three years, which would mean 25,000 layoffs (about 10% of staff) and the sale of activities in Brazil and Turkey. On Monday, the bank posted a net result of € 12.5 billion in the first six months of 2015, which means a 10% increase year on year.

In February 2015, the international consortium of journalists revealed that the Swiss branch of the bank has set up a scheme that helped international clients to hide large sums of money so they do not pay taxes in the country of residence.

Bruno Macaes back to shake Twitter

August is usually holiday month for the Portuguese politics but for Bruno Maçães, this is no impediment to further discuss economic issues on social networks.

Via Twitter, the Secretary of State for European Affairs became involved, on Monday, a lighted exchange for “twits” with Phillippe Legrain, British economist and former adviser to Barroso, who advocates a “European Spring” and explains, in a work, why the economy and the policy that is in Europe have to be changed.

The discussion seems to have started with sharing, by Maçães, an article in the Wall Street Journal, with the secretary of state to use it as evidence that the European countries in crisis “have left the worst behind.” Legrain answered sharing, ensuring that the “economy of Portugal is 7.5% smaller than seven years ago.” “Is that what you mean when you say that has left its troubles behind?” He asked.

Maçães responds, ensuring that Philippe forecasts are wrong and that “Portugal is growing without debt for the first time in 40 years,” what motivates Legrain to continue the dialogue by ensuring that “Portugal is in a terrible hole.” “Draw a smaller economy than seven years ago a success is nonsense. It’s worse than the Great Depression of the 30s weak growth, stifling debt, high unemployment, mass emigration” are some of the arguments that the British economist uses.

“It’s wrong. The ideology is blind you to the facts. I believe that most people prefer to look at the facts,” retaliates Secretary of State. “I just give you the facts. Or will reject the data of gross domestic product of Portugal?”, Responds in turn, Legrain. “As I said earlier, it is impossible to debate whether people are exalted if it is proved that are wrong”, he Maçães, ending the (public) talk to the economist, who, at some point, admits have come to doubt the veracity of the account.