Filipe Cardoso wins the Senhora da Graça

The Portuguese Filipe Cardoso (Efapel) today won the 4th stage of the Tour of Portugal in cycling at the top of Senhora da Graça in Mondim de Basto, where Spanish Gustavo Veloso (W52-Quinta da Lixa) strengthened leadership.

Cardoso met the 159.4 kilometers from Alvarenga in 4: 26.14 hours, while his team-mate Jóni Brandão and Gustavo Veloso, second and third place, respectively. Overall, Veloso increased to 17 seconds ahead of compatriot and fellow Delio Fernández team, runner while Jóni Brandão took the third place, 35 leader and winner of the race in 2014.

On Monday, the fifth stage of the Tour of Portugal will take the squad to go 196.4 kilometers of Braga to the top of Santa Luzia in Viana do Castelo, which will be installed the third mountain count taken, the second third category.

Sunday night on TV: they mate “The World is Not Enough” and “The Glory of my father”

The World is Not Enough Michael Apted Pierce Brosnan, Sophie Marceau (France 2, 20.45): “We must admit: since Daniel Craig took on the James Bond tuxedo, episodes with Pierce Brosnan took a small getting old. However, this “World is not enough”, even without great personality, faithfully respects the revenues of the saga. from the smoothly conducted action, a bad guy exuberant played by Robert Carlyle, a mesmerizing that one generic Garbage needs to, and presence in the cast of three buxom nymphs. Sophie Marceau, Denise Richards and Maria Grazia Cucinotta.

The Glory of my father Yves Robert Julien Ciamaca Philippe Caubère (TMC, 8:50 p.m.): “Before playing mobsters, Philippe Caubère hunted the rock partridge in the garrigue, and it suited her much better anyway To convince you. , nothing like this little gem of poetry and simplicity, also refreshing that was among the cicadas

Cocorico case: the floor of the Interior Ministry and close on nightlife

The line drawn from the top of the Interior Ministry is the one adopted in Rimini: in front of irregularities should take immediate closure. No referrals or second thoughts because at stake is the lives of young people and therefore we must act with the utmost rigor. The directive was imposed at the end of May, just ahead of the summer, when the police chief Alessandro Pansa had confronted the Quaestors and agreed with them on the need to step up controls in all those “squares” of fun that too often they turn into places of death. Discotheques, but also places where we organize rave parties, meeting places that are too often governed by Italian and foreign dealers.

Much attention is focused on the work of the Road with the experimental controls that work at the weekend sees the mixed patrols of officers and medical officers. The goal is clear: to prevent that can guide or at least go around people under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or even both. The first assessment is done with the alcohol test, then snap the new checks. And then the procedure involves taking three samples of saliva. The first analysis is done on site, if there is no reaction to the presence of drugs triggered the preventive withdrawal of the license. The second sample shall be tested the next day: if the result is positive again, the license is sent to the prefecture and also triggered the sanction. The third, is held for any claims, but also to the measures that the prefect can take when it comes to ordinary consumers.

Directive prefect Pansa leaves no ambiguity with respect to the need “to combat the phenomenon of a drug that strongly affects citizens and their families.” Not by chance is stressed “the possibility of encouraging all forms of acquisition of items of information by citizens as a Directive in September 2014 introduced the service sms telephone, free for complainants, with which to report incidents of drug dealing in schools and in the vicinity of the same. ”

Than for the schools it will apply therefore also to the clubs and all other areas where young people meet. Why, this underlines Pansa “in order to contribute to raising standards of safety of the community was planned to promote awareness campaigns to citizens who will be invited to provide any information deemed to be useful for preventive and enforcement and to liaise with the police also using IT tools that have the same. “

Omar Martinez won the competition Parana Road Tourism

Local driver Omar ‘Guri’ Martinez, the command of a Ford, won the final 25 laps racetrack held in the City of Parana Entre Rios and became the new leader of the Wagon Tourism, held the eighth round.

The ‘Guri’, which reached win number 29 in the category, was escorted by Santiago balcarceño Mangoni (Torino) and the Santa Fe Facundo Ardusso (Dodge), owner of the latest round qualifying of the day.

Fourth was the arrecifeño Luis José Di Palma (Torino) and then the Uruguayan Mauricio Lambiris (Torino), the lanusense Emiliano Spataro (Dodge), and the defending champion was ordered, Buenos Aires Matías Rossi (Chevrolet), who resigned leadership in general positions.

They arrived behind the Chaco Juan Manuel Silva (Ford), Matias Mendoza Khalaf (Ford) and Augustine arrecifeño Canapino (Chevrolet).

The first, second and third series of TC were won by Juan Pablo Gianini (Ford), Martinez and Ardusso respectively.

To a great expectation to see the local credit, the final took off with a quick Sunday Gianini, who before the first turn was the victim of a maneuver controversial ‘Guri’ who moved it with a twist and stayed with the tip at the mercy .

Since then, Martinez was stretching advantages over Mangoni and Ardusso, which since its third made strenuous efforts to approach the leader.

Which he played a very good performance was Luis José Di Palma, who started in 13th place and was slowly overcoming several cars to reach the end the fourth.

Best Chevrolet was the defending champion, Rossi, who entered seventh, while six-time champion Guillermo Ortelli completed far behind too.

In the opening act TC Track, the son of historic Roberto Urretavizcaya, Thomas, won the final with a Dodge, after a long time of absence.

Contested eight rounds of the tournament, the new leader is Martinez with 302 points; Rossi is located behind 300, Augustine Canapino 283, 275 and Ardusso Di Palma, 256.50.
After encolumnan with 248.50 Ortelli, Juan Marcos Angelini 240, Gabriel Ponce de León with 234 Lambiris with Christian Ledesma 212.50 and 204.

The ninth round of Wagon Tourism will be on August 23 at the racetrack Olavarria.

Del Moro outraged reaction with Brian about Marian

What happened on Saturday night on “Big Brother 2015″ was historic: the chief decided to expel Brian Marian by violence.

The boy was taken out and reacted violently about his “girlfriend.” Jorge Rial entered the home and communicated the decision of GH face to face.

Very strong and unprecedented in any edition of what was reality. The truth is that Santiago del Moro expressed in social networks and punished harshly Brian reaction.

Sarah Sjostrom broke the world record in World Championship

Sarah Sjostrom enters the FINA World Championships in Kazan with big medal chances at four distances.

100 meters butterfly is perhaps the biggest gold chance ..

On Sunday, she swam home semifinal in superior style. After a solid start increasing Swede after the turn and chased the world record as the American Dana Vollmer held.

And when Sjostrom was pressed, it was no longer any question about it.
“Been waiting a long time”

Despite a poor finish Sjostrom broke the world record by 24 hundredths – and noted 55.74.

– I’ve waited a long time to beat this record. So it’s very fun that I get it on the World Cup. I had planned to beat the world record in the semifinals, she says.

A world record is worth 259,467 crowns since the International Swimming Federation increased the prize money. A welcome boost for Sarah Sjostrom.

– I’m supposed to buy the apartment, so I have to swim fast in the semifinals, she says, and then explains in more detail:

– In a semi-final can test on. You can try not to breathe so much the first 25 meters. Try to swim fast, ‘she says.

In the final, it will be difficult to beat the world record, even though there is a lot to take in for the Swedish language.

– I will probably be very happy anyway, if I were to win, she says.
“Go for Gold”

Tomorrow is the finals in the 100 meters butterfly.

– She was quite right that went for it. If it feels good, there is no need to save your strength. She has one day in which to rest now. Now just go for the gold, says Karlsson.

And there are hopes of a first gold good. Danish Jeanette Ottesen won their semi-final at the modest time 57.04. Sjostrom was more than a second faster.

– She’ll get great trembling to miss. But Sarah is so cool and experienced, says Karlsson.

Markus Naslund: “It was worse than a war”

Markus Naslund, 41, is not known as a person who talks shit about others. But in “Summer in P1″, a name and a person speaking who did Naslund life easy during hockey career – Sven khat successor Mike Keenan.

He took over as coach shortly after Naslund came to Vancouver.

– I got a lump in my stomach when the news of our new coach reached me, says Naslund in the program.
Lazy, thick and untrained

Rumors of Keenan’s love of mind games, mind games and punishment methods would prove to be correct. He also felt that hockey was something hard Americans and not nice Swedes.

– I was sometimes called into his office for a chat. Then he took out his coded language, and alluded to my time at the club could be short and that it was perhaps just as well that I went home to Sweden. This is because he felt that I was lazy, cowardly, thick and untrained, said Naslund.

It went so far that the Swede finally dodged Keenan when they met in the hallways and locker room.

– There was no war, there was no hatred. It was worse. For there was silence and hints.
“Had me as a scapegoat”

Naslund knew it would be a long season and chose to focus on running hard in training and not wasting energy on trying to predict the “Iron-Mike ‘next move, provocation or punishment.

– My salvation during the time of Keenan was our first daughter was born and the sporting frustration disappeared. I took no offense at me when he had me chopping chicken, says Naslund.

When the coach then got fired for missing the results they parted as friends anyway.

– The game was over and it was time to move on. So it is in sport, abrupt shifts.
Mischief of “Foppa”

In the middle of summer talk also told Naslund an anecdote from when he and Peter “Foppa” Forsberg summer job together.

When they cut the grass, of a wealthy family on their big plot with lampposts, was “Foppa” for ideas and Naslund went there.

– Peter made a bet with me that I could not climb all the way up on the lamppost. He also assured me that no one in the house was home. When I was at the top of the pole came home owners and I had to bark, said Naslund.

Fan Fractional view-match IFK

Witness statements from the scene around the intersection of St. Persgatan, Kungsgatan says there have been supporters brawl outside a tavern. Several readers’ has come in where you see the clash between the different support area. The images show about 30 people who are in some kind of confrontation with each other. The fight should have started just before 12:00.

– I have not actually had any real information about this yet. We have no details other than that you say, says Thomas Agnevik, police spokesperson.

Police have now cordoned off two blocks around the area as well as all junctions connected when a lot IFK supporters on the spot. No AIK-supporting control may pass the area or even get to the new park through the backyard. They may instead take detours.

According to a security guard to NT’s reporter on the scene, a group AIK-supporters come walkin while a bunch IFK supporters come out of a building. Fractional must have occurred and according to the guard must supporters of AIK have had weapons. According to the guard, no major damages have been incurred but how, or if someone is injured is unclear. When police arrived at the scene dissolved fraction.
Right now it’ll be quiet on the spot.

– I do not think that we have taken into custody anyone. Possibly a few paragraphs. I have unfortunately really bad track for our radio began to fuss just when this was said Thomas Agnevik.

16 people are cared for after the fight. Currently there is no suspicion of crime.

– If it is as you say that the people have seen the assault and weapons, I think they should get in to the police immediately. But what we know so far, there has not been a criminal, says Thomas Agnevik.

NT continues to maintain contact with the police and has sent reporters to town to be able to update on the situation.

Tania Cagnotto wins bronze medal in 3-meter springboard

Tania Cagnotto won the bronze medal in the women’s 3m springboard final at the World Cup of diving in Kazan, Russia. The blue, the ninth world medal, closed at 356.15 points behind two Chinese athletes. The gold goes to Shi Tingmao, 383.55 points, followed by countryman He Zi, 377.45. “This is definitely my most beautiful world,” said the Italian athlete who a few days ago, he won gold in the 1-meter springboard. “I had a good race, I thought only to make a good score instead of thinking about the medal that has me a bit ‘given, these days you see that I have a star that protects me.” August 2 Cagnotto will have the last race, that of sync mixed. “I still have a bit ‘of energy and hope to do even a good race, I’ll enjoy it will be the last, take it calmly.”

Cagnotto precedes the Australian Esther Qin, fourth (347.20), and the Canadian Pamela Ware (332.40) and Jennifer Abel (331.50). A medal won at the last jump, that of overtaking, with the double pike and a half overthrown by 78 points compared to 40.50 Abel until then firmly in third place and at one point the final even among the Chinese.

The race was regular, with Cagnotto in fourth place in the first three rounds. Then Barb coming into triple and half closed with 66.65. Li took advantage of the Australian Qin who made the pass, while the podium of Abel, colored Canadian of Haitian descent back on the world podium by 3 meters as in Shanghai in 2011, was now twelve points away.

Earthquake in Trentino: quake of magnitude 3.7

An earthquake was felt around 23:15 in the south of Trentino. According to the INGV (National Institute of Volcanology) and the quake was magnitude 3.7 with the epicenter at a depth of 6 km, 3 km from Ledro, in the province of Trento. Dozens of calls received by the fire service in the area, especially the nearby Riva del Garda and Arco, where at this time there are also numerous tourists. Many fear, but according to preliminary information there were no damages. The quake was also felt in Trent, 33 km north-east dal’epicentro.