Tania Cagnotto wins bronze medal in 3-meter springboard

Tania Cagnotto won the bronze medal in the women’s 3m springboard final at the World Cup of diving in Kazan, Russia. The blue, the ninth world medal, closed at 356.15 points behind two Chinese athletes. The gold goes to Shi Tingmao, 383.55 points, followed by countryman He Zi, 377.45. “This is definitely my most beautiful world,” said the Italian athlete who a few days ago, he won gold in the 1-meter springboard. “I had a good race, I thought only to make a good score instead of thinking about the medal that has me a bit ‘given, these days you see that I have a star that protects me.” August 2 Cagnotto will have the last race, that of sync mixed. “I still have a bit ‘of energy and hope to do even a good race, I’ll enjoy it will be the last, take it calmly.”

Cagnotto precedes the Australian Esther Qin, fourth (347.20), and the Canadian Pamela Ware (332.40) and Jennifer Abel (331.50). A medal won at the last jump, that of overtaking, with the double pike and a half overthrown by 78 points compared to 40.50 Abel until then firmly in third place and at one point the final even among the Chinese.

The race was regular, with Cagnotto in fourth place in the first three rounds. Then Barb coming into triple and half closed with 66.65. Li took advantage of the Australian Qin who made the pass, while the podium of Abel, colored Canadian of Haitian descent back on the world podium by 3 meters as in Shanghai in 2011, was now twelve points away.

Earthquake in Trentino: quake of magnitude 3.7

An earthquake was felt around 23:15 in the south of Trentino. According to the INGV (National Institute of Volcanology) and the quake was magnitude 3.7 with the epicenter at a depth of 6 km, 3 km from Ledro, in the province of Trento. Dozens of calls received by the fire service in the area, especially the nearby Riva del Garda and Arco, where at this time there are also numerous tourists. Many fear, but according to preliminary information there were no damages. The quake was also felt in Trent, 33 km north-east dal’epicentro.

Shooting on Lido di Camaiore, a gunman arrested, two on the run

Lido di Camaiore, August 1, 2015 – Chase and shootout on Lido di Camaiore at the Piazza Umberto this morning in front of the eyes of visitors that reached the beach. According to initial reports a police patrol at 12.15 crossed suspected car with three people on board. These, after which he was ordered to halt, and have accelerated. The two had just attempted a robbery in Pietrasanta then they fled. The police intercepted them in via Cavour near Benelli in Lido di Camaiore. Waterfront Bernardini car with the criminals tried a first time to ram the police car. On board three persons of Sinti origin. The driver then embarked on a side street against traffic from the boulevard Pistelli until he went to hit another of the police cars that had left from Viareggio to give a hand to colleagues.

Olympique Marseille-Juventus 2-0, Allegri also lose Khedira

Having already had to record accident Barzagli and Chiellini, the Old Lady comes out battered also by Vélodrome: muscle problem for German, it is feared a tear. Friendly decided by networks Alessandrini and Barrada, Lichtsteiner sent off for protests

MARSEILLES – A quarter of an hour early, a Paul Pogba already polished and little else to save. Juventus flies to Shanghai with two goals on the rump – in itself insignificant, given the gap between the preparation and training of Allegri Olympique Marseille – and especially with a Sami Khedira less. Former Real midfielder left the field after just over 20 minutes, it is feared a serious muscle problem for him. The “Trophée Robert Louis-Dreyfus” is then raised by the boys of “Loco” Marcelo Bielsa, already in championship form: the Ligue 1 kicks off next weekend, which will see the same field in the Old Lady against Lazio for the first official match of the season, the Italian Super Cup.

GOL RANDOM – The beginning is promising for Allegri, who chooses the rumble with Pereyra near Morata and Mandzukic: the tandem attack immediately tries to pack the advantage. Pogba inspired the Croatian low cross for the former Real, perfect Glide N’Koulou in the heart of the six yard. The Spaniard, having only tasted great opportunity, stings on the developments of the next corner, firing up with the left-hander. The biggest chance occurs on the feet of Khedira, who ennobles the assist of “Tucumano” Pereyra with a right fielder who hits full Mandanda. With every passing minute arises the freshness of the OM, especially on the flanks. Alessandrini warm gloves Buffon just after the quarter hour, then it’s up to Thauvin become dangerous header on a cross of exhaustive Dja Djédjé. Bad news for Allegri 23 ‘: in a stretch recovery is expensive to Khedira, coming out with a muscle problem. With the entry of Sturaro not change anything from the tactical point of view but in 10 ‘from the end of the first half the hosts unlock the stalemate. The cross of Alessandrini is svirgolato, the right is certainly not the preferred foot outside of Bielsa: emerges but an unstoppable trajectory for Buffon, ball under the corner of the goal and OM forward. For Juve is the worst time, Thauvin scares Buffon with a shot from a tight angle dirty. To make matters worse, the referee Chapron rediscovers particularly tax, shipping in the shower Lichtsteiner for dissent.

Simone Ruffini won gold in the 25 km at the World Swimming Championships

The Italian swimmer Simone Ruffini won gold in the 25 km race at the end of World Swimming Championships being held in Kazan, Russia. In the same race he came in third place Matteo Furlan, another Italian, who a few days ago was also finished third in the 5 km of the fund. Ruffini Furlan and remained in the top positions of the race since the first kilometers, two thirds of the race managed to pull all the other athletes, followed only by the American Alex Meyer. Ruffini then finished the race in 4 hours, 53 minutes and 10 seconds. Meyer came in second place with a delay of 4 seconds, while Furlan finished third at one minute and 27 seconds away from Ruffini. Those of Ruffini and Furlan are respectively the fifth and sixth medal obtained by Italy in the World Swimming Championships Kazan so far. Sunday, August 2 will start the swimming competitions in the tank.

PSG won the Champions Trophy against Lyon

Two months after winning his famous four national titles, the Paris SG won his third consecutive Champions Trophy beating Lyon, the runner up of last season, 2-0, Saturday, August 1 in Montreal.

Although more and legs, better organized and confident that Lyonnais cruelly the pain and the antithesis of the rival they were still in late May for the title race in Ligue 1, Parisians already led by two goals after 17 minutes.

OL exceeded

It is first Serge Aurier, the best Parisien daily, who opened the scoring when he rose to head in a tense center David Luiz (11th minute of the game). The two defenders were mounted at the forefront on a free kick from Lucas, and PSG to demonstrate that he has lost none of its efficiency on set pieces.

The second goal, the Edinson Cavani scored a powerful half-volley under the bar, not easy to run, after Lopes pushed first shooting Ibrahimovic (17th). The Swede, who got treatment right knee after contact with Henri Bedimo, could drive the point of renewed heel just before the break. But Lopes is interposed and Blaise Matuidi, surprised at the time, missed its recovery in the six meters.

Exceeded, the OL has not experienced salvation 4-3-3 with the set up by Hubert Fournier.

The promise of Foo Fighters: “Cesena, we come”

Last July 26 about a thousand musicians gathered near Cesena to play, all together, a famous song of the American band Foo Fighters: Learn to Fly. As explained on the website of the project, which is called “Rockin’1000″, the idea was conceived in May 2014 by a group of boys from Cesena to convince the Foo Fighters to return to play for a concert in the city, after the last was in 1997. to organize the event was opened a crowdfunding and all those who participated were asked to do so voluntarily. The 1000 musicians who participated are not amateurs but all people with some experience: during the recording of the video was directed by conductor Marco Sabiu. More information on Rockin’1000 be found here; This however is the video, beautiful, of Learn to Fly played by 1,000 people.

Bison Smart provides a red Friday and Black Saturday for this crossover weekend

The day of Friday, July 31 is classified red in the direction of departures before the day “the most difficult of the year” Saturday crossover between the traditional “July countries” and “August” according Bison smart.

Traffic will be “very difficult Friday, July 31, red classified in the direction of departures from the end of the morning”, predicted Bison smart. Traffic “will remain dense in the night from Friday to Saturday, with the appearance of the first corks Saturday from 4 o’clock in the morning in some areas.”

Saturday, traffic will be “exceptionally difficult” on the majority of roads during the day which will be “the most difficult of the summer 2015,” Bison provides smart. Bison Smart recommend “highly ride on the night of Friday, July 31 to Saturday, August 1 and all day Saturday” until 18h and urged motorists to delay their departures same Sunday there will “still plugs , including Rhone Valley on the A10 motorway in central France and the A13 in Normandy. ” In the sense of the returns, the day will be Friday green, orange green Saturday and Sunday.

Second night of knockouts in The Voice Chile left 12 on the road and discontent among the public

In a new chapter of the star of Channel 13, a contestant from each team he joined the four who last week made it through to the last stage: the live shows. Like every night, the tweeters were not happy with the coaches.

In the early knockouts of last week, 12 contestants were singing at the house, leaving four of his teammates on the way to the stage of the live shows of The Voice Chile. As always, for jurors “it is increasingly difficult” choice, or “very Cuatic” as we already have used listening Alvaro Lopez.

If Sunday the boy “Red” which remains in competition was Luis Pedraza or better known as “Toco Toco” – last night was Karin’s turn Caceres. The redhead, first generation TVN talent show, was chosen by Franco Simone.

On World Orgasm Day, discover the secrets to reaching the pinnacle of pleasure

On Friday (31) is celebrated the World Orgasm Day and did you know that more than half of women do not reach climax during sex? And if you are part of this group, the Health blog without Neura gathered some tips so that you can reach the peak of this exciting and relaxing experience.

The first step in the search of good sex is to know your own body and know how it works. As the subject is still a taboo subject for much of the female population, it is essential to leave the shame aside and touching her body in an attempt to unravel their innermost secrets. The partner must also understand the needs and desires of the partner and not think only in well-being.

According to the gynecologist Ana Lucia Beltrame throughout the body parts can be found responsible for sexual desire, such as sinuses, ear, neck, skin, anus, among others. For the moment even more spicy, the tip is to perfect the preliminary and use your imagination. Some sex paraphernalia can help loosen creativity.

However, to reach the sex itself, the doctor explains that the relationship goes through four phases: desire, arousal, orgasm [peak intercourse, when released all the repressed tension in two phases, bringing the feeling of pleasure ] and resolution, that wellness and relaxation phase.

– At each stage, the body produces chemicals that cause physical changes and pave the way for the experience of pleasure. There is also releasing sex hormones – estrogen for women and testosterone in men. There, the clitoris and the labia swell and the channel entrance to the muscles opens.

Although only last a few seconds, the orgasm is one of the most exciting and relaxing experience that the human body can experience. In addition to the tips above, there are some foods that can help the couple reach the pinnacle of pleasure, according to nutritionist Cintya Bassi, the Hospital and Maternity São Cristóvão.

– Chocolate is one of the most famous examples. Banana, avocado, papaya and strawberry also fit into the category of aphrodisiac foods, as well as vanilla, peanuts, cinnamon, anise, nutmeg, ginger, basil, garlic, honey, pepper, beet and artichoke.

If you still do not reach orgasm during intercourse, talk to the doctor because it may be a physical and / or psychological problem.